Reasons Why I Love to Travel

The Excitement

man on ocean boat feeding seagulls - reasons why I love to travel

There are many reasons why I love to travel.  I love the excitement of the journeys and the destinations.  Arriving at a new location, in a new land, with a new language, using a new currency and eating different foods all combine to make traveling exciting.  There is never a dull moment for me.  Being able to absorb the experience and being free to decide what, where, when, why and how in each destination is always an exciting challenge.

The Adrenaline

Along with the excitement comes the kick of endorphins giving me an extra boost of energy as I make my way on my journeys.  Every day is a new experience.  Often plans change and new detours develop.  Being flexible allows for new and unique opportunities that make for lifetime memories.  Some may consider traveling full of challenges.  Yet, for me, any challenges are just chances to face head-on and conquer over and over again. 

The Learning

Traveling provides for a never-ending education.  There is so much to learn.  Visiting new places opens my mind and expands my horizons in a way that is not matched in any other manner.  I meet new and different people, living in new and different cultures.  I create new experiences not found in my normal daily routine when at home.  I see how the rest of the world lives, what is different and what is the same from my experiences.  I don’t complain about the differences.  I relish in the differences and try to understand and learn from them.  Being present offers a much deeper understanding than I could ever get from books, movies, television or even the internet.  The personal experience of it all sinks deep in my heart.  And I am forever changed.  When I return I pay more attention to news and information about the places I have been. 

The Details

I love the challenges of landing in a new place and figuring out all the details.  Details such as a new money system and a new language when traveling internationally offer plenty of challenges all by themselves.  Additionally, there are transportation issues to figure out immediately.  And any plans made before arrival often change many times once I arrive and begin experiencing the local scene.  That’s another one of the reasons why I love to travel and why I always leave plenty of open time when making any plans ahead of my arrival. 

The Simplicity

The only tasks at hand are those of deciding where to go or what to do and then how to accomplish it.  The other tasks are fairly simple—getting some local cash from an ATM machine (my Wells Fargo debit card handles the exchange rate automatically), learning a few basic words in the new language, figuring out transportation and getting local input on where to eat.  Since I am traveling with only one suitcase, wardrobe decisions are simple.  There are not a lot of outfits to decide upon.  And, if I need additional clothes or any other supplies for any reason, I can always buy them locally if I find myself in a bind (unless I am in a remote location at which point nothing makes up for poor planning).  I love living the simple life and leaving all the other decisions behind for the duration of my trip.

The New People

Traveling opens the door wide to meeting new people.  I meet more people and make new friends faster when traveling than most any other time.  No matter where I go I find that the people are friendly and generous.  Sure, there are precautions to take and dangers to avoid, and as long as I am wise, I have had the most wonderful people experiences in my lifetime.  Maybe one of the reasons I find people to be so wonderful is that I don’t know them long enough to discover their flaws.  So I smile and engage with the locals and love it

These are some of the reasons why I love to travel.  What are your favorite things about traveling?